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Until 10 years ago, Southeast Michigan had been home to a renowned pool builder whose work was phenomenal. Commanding excellent taste and attracting great people, for 40 years, he built everything from water parks to back yard prize-winners for local celebrities. As a rule, if a local pool were pictured in a magazine, Charles was the builder.

In the 80's, one of the great people that Charles attracted was David, whose highest asset was personality. You couldn't find a more agreeable and friendly person. A solid repairman with extensive experience, he was perfect as Charles' general manager.

Dave had a nephew, Adam. Adam, fresh out of high school in the summer of '94, went to David's house and, as nephews are prone to do, begged for a real job. Dave, as uncles are prone to do, agreed.

For the next two years, Adam was trained in every facet of pool construction and repair by extraordinary tradesmen. The accelerated apprenticeship was a final gift from a wonderful uncle to a thankful nephew; Dave was called home tragically at the young age of 32.

Adam continued with Charles for another year. However, with ideas of his own about better service scheduling and project management, he moved on to a hot tub distributor, learning the nuances of their repair.

Filled with the confidence of an experienced tradesman and the immortality of youth, Adam bought a $2000 piece of equipment that he couldn't afford, ordered business cards and began opening pools. He's been on is own since, honing his ability to under-promise and over-deliver.

Sadly, Charles passed about 10 years ago. No one within his company could fill the void he left, so the company dissolved soon after. He was a pool building visionary. He created works of beauty.

Adam would like to think that he's preserving that beauty, maybe adding to it, and, by doing so, making the world a bit better.

He's a good guy. Call him now @ 734.250.5416

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